Growing up influenced by bands such as, Sublime, Bob Marley, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Snoop Dogg, Doktor P, Fatboy Slim, Atmosphere, and more, BangerZ comes to the field with a wide range of eclectic genres and styles. With a strong history embedded in music and the scene itself he derives his talent from playing the drums for years, raving since the late 90's and many geeky hours behind the computer playing with production software and downloading tons of banging tracks. Building his love for music he worked with Las Vegas pomotion companies to get his foot in the door at a very young age, from the ripe age of 13 to today he made it a goal to get into, meet, and build relationships with the movers and shakers of the industry. He walks into the building with a philosophy of business, DJ's are here to keep revenue flowing. Period. His job is to keep you moving and keep the bar tabs rolling! Bringing together EDM and HIP HOP styles is the main focus of this artist. He wants to bring an element for each and EVERY person on the dance floor, everyone is unique and no one likes the same thing. He doesn't want to force his personal selection on anyone and this is what sets him apart from the rest. Fans come to the shows to hear what THEY want, and that is the atmosphere he builds. BangerZ is heavy into the "effects dj" style and is ALL about performance. BangerZ hopes to provide an atmosphere that everyone can be comfortable with, he hopes to one day put his stylings into the larger festivals, across the country, and international events to spread the love for the scene he cares for. Make sure you don't pass this one up because this artist is one of the realest, most unique, and talented DJ's you will find.