Since the early underground Raves of the mid-nineties, to the present, wildly popular Electronic Dance Music movement, Jameson Just has been a constant fixture on the Seattle electronic scene. He began his career in 1996, spinning under the name DJ Goner, a nickname earned during his early years as a graffiti artist. With an eye toward the future of this scene, he recently rebranded in 2012 with the name Jameson Just.

Jameson’s influence in the early years of this scene can still be felt to this day. From 1997-1998 he held his first residency at The Power Plant in Seattle, a club that is listed among the first attended by most patrons of the current electronic scene. In addition to DJing, he is also an accomplished promoter in both all ages Raves, and 21+ club events, having begun in 1997 and continuing to this day.
Once established as one of Seattle’s best known DJ’s, Jameson’s career took off. Spinning genres ranging from House, Breakbeats, Ghetto House and Booty Tech, to Trap, Twerk and Juke, he has played all over the US, and in many parts of Canada. Locally, he has played several large scale festivals, including Freaknight Festival 2010 and 2013. He has also released 25 solo mixtapes, and been featured on several radio shows and podcasts, including Mocean District Radio, JOJO Electro, C89.5 The Vortex, Album 88, and Bassdrop Music Basscast.

Now, at the height of his career, Jameson continues to DJ and promote within the scene he has helped build. He DJ’s weekly at Seattle’s most popular venues and he throws DAMN SON, a bi-monthly Trap and Bass event at the DJMag's #55 club in the world, Foundation Nightclub. He also recently had a mixtape air on Ultra Music Festival’s UMF Radio show on Sirius, and has just been signed by PHUEL Artist Agency and Management. With his perpetual presence in the Seattle scene, one would be hard-pressed to find an electronic music fan who has not felt the influence of Jameson Just.