Located in downtown Las Vegas just a few blocks from what is called the 18b arts district. The Candy Factory is Legendary in the electronic dance scene.

  It was one of the first underground venues of its kind, they say "it came before its time". Before there was a club scene, and before there was an arts district, and before there was widespread acceptance of dance music in america.

  The venue was engraved in the hearts of thousands of kids trying to find some-thing to do in a city, with very little options.

  The Candy Factory was not just the underground rave spot, we hosted zinecon, underground rock shows, underground hiphop shows and countless other multi-cultural events.

  It was alot of fun and a good run but those were the 90's and the world was just waking up to electronic dance music. The city just was'nt ready for us :)

  A Way of Life Productions has matured as a company into one of the best Prop and Production companies to bloom in the Nevada desert and is now based out of the old location.

  We are proud that the downtown area and the city have embraced the arts, and have taken miles of steps to create a truley unique down town experience.

  We cant wait to see what is in store as the arts disctrict takes shape and expands.   So once of twice a year we will pull permits, dust off our dancing shoes and bring you events that are reminicent of the good old days while we showcase what we have learned over the years    See you June 6th as we take you on another wild ride known as Halfway 2 halloween!!!